take control of your future become self sufficient

Retrosuburbia an online book on how to be self-sufficient in the suburbs.

Self Sufficient Me has lots of videos and well-organised information on home food production. Based in Queensland, Australia.

Charles Dowding provides many videos on getting started on vegetable growing. UK.

Milkwood Permaculture has some good resources on growing, foraging and community care.

There are plenty of good-quality videos on YouTube to help you start a vegetable garden, keep chickens, design a food forest, establish urban farming, and make compost.

To be prepared for power outages, build a simple rocket stove to cook on.

Depave has some great resources on how to remove paved areas – concrete, car parks, driveways – and replace with gardens and natural landscapes.

Look into local community gardens, permaculture and organic growing groups, and neighbourhood centres for information that is relevant to your neighbourhood.

More to come…

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